Recently Work Done By Metro Rug Repair :

Metro Rug Repair Inc. Offer expert rug restoration services for every kind of rugs, Antique rugs, Semi Antique rugs, New rugs, Custom rugs, Kilim, Tapestries. Rugs can become damage by aging, Accidently, or the colors may fade from every day wear and tear.

We use the highest quality materials and techniques to properly match the yarns colors and patterns and offer custom dyeing when necessary. Oriental Rugs can have high value and sentiment to their owners many time oriental rugs owners have chosen rugs after years of travel and research. these handmade work of art demand a professional process for restoration and preservation.

We can offer Restoration & Services to adjusters when dealing with these heirlooms. Rugs restoration demand careful attention to detail. Metro Rug Repair Inc. Been serving the new York area since 1992. we perform a careful evaluation of each rug including inspection damage assessment and Repair / Restoration cleaning costs.

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The cleaning of antique rugs is truly one of our greatest passions, to pour life back into a work of woven art, to restore its beauty and make it last through the generation. When it comes to antique rugs, don’t settle for anything less than professional rug cleaning. Sure, it may be tempting to tackle the problem yourself, but that plan could backfire. Why? Because antique rugs require a gentle, but effective approach to cleaning. The best antique rug cleaning service, now available in New York City, Metro Rug Repair Inc. Rug cleaning not only restores beauty to your rug, but it also extends the life and value of your investment. Your freshly cleaned rug will feel cleaner and its colors will appear brighter. You can count on us to do the prefect job! A Good cleaning involves expert judgment as well as the use of several different cleaning techniques we offer to ensure your satisfaction with the results. Proper cleaning of any pile rug first requires a thorough dust removal by vacuuming both front and back. Different types of rug demands different treatment in the cleaning process.

Basic Steps Of Cleaning Rugs

  • 1  Deep vacuuming to remove dust.
    2.   Spill and pet stain removing
    3.   Rug washing
    4.   Drying process
    5.  Grooming the fringes
    6.  Brushing for the pile of wool
    7.  Final and last vacuum and at this point rug will be inspected if it is ready for delivery